Sergio Rui (Rhythm Guitar), Aaron Dettwiler (Bass), Joel Purificacion (Lead Guitar & Vocals), Tobias Vogt (Drums)

Ladies and gents: Falldown!

Mix a little bit of Metallica, Volbeat and Black Stone Cherry, season it with a pinch of Blues, Rockabilly and Country and voilà: you get the sound of the Swiss band FallDown! 


Crunchy, hard hitting riffs paired with the fast temper of Rock 'n' Roll and the warm soul of Blues create a sound which lets you headbang until your neck breaks!


Founded in 2011 by Tobi, Joel and Aaron and soon joined by Sergio, FallDown started their journey: Their debut album "Unstoppable" was released in 2015 and combined various styles, followed by their EP "226" in 2017 which contains two straight Hardrock headbangers.


FallDown live performances are an force unleashing experience that you don't want to miss! 

Besides numerous self-written songs, FallDown amaze their audience with a number of covers of all kind of different genres.


Interested? Come to our next gig, enjoy our music and have a beer with us!